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Lia Allen knows what it takes to run a business successfully. She’s been an Entrepreneur since 1990.

Lia owned the Office Alternative, a company providing business support services to the York Community.

As an owner of the Office Alternative, she grew the business and be a nominee of the Small Business of the Year Award in 1999.


She is a Toastmaster and earned the distinction of CTM (Competent Toastmaster) and CL (Competent Leader).

She has been active in many local organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Network of York, WREN of York and PolkaDot Powerhouse where is currently is the Social Media Guru on the leadership team.


One of her gifts is her ability to determine the needs of her clients, break it down to manageable solutions that are easily implemented.  She loves to bring together a team of entrepreneurs to collaborate and problem solve and create amazing solutions.

Through collaboration and masterminding, she is able to harness the energy and synergy of the whole, which is greater than each individual.

About Lia Allen

I have been an Entrepreneur since 1990.  My businesses have evolved over the years as my life changed.  Throughout my business experience I have enjoyed learning how to adjust and pivot with the changes.  As a homeschool mom who graduated two young men while working with clients, I learned to scale my business to current circumstances.  Throughout this time, I found my passion of helping my clients to build their businesses while being true to themselves and living their authentic lives.

My Mission . . .

is to bring out the personal brilliance God put inside of everyone and then help them share their light.

My specialty . . .

I am a relationship marketing facilitator/coach/consultant. I teach my clients not to process transactions but to create long-lasting relationships with their customers.

As a marketing coach and consultant,  I help you clarify and define who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and then identify how to get that message out in a way that attracts your ideal client.

We help to eliminate the feast and famine cycle of your business!


Proven Success

A Message from Lia


Everyone has a different story, a different reason why they start their own business. Sometimes you just got angry at the right person. Or, maybe it’s a dream that is burning inside of you.

Most people who start their own business do it to make money and have a good life.

People told me they wanted to have some control because they had none when they worked for someone else. For me, it was all of the above.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1990 and, quite frankly, consider myself unemployable.

Seriously, I am entrepreneurial down to a cellular level. What I have found over the years is a common theme I have heard from my clients and business associates.

There is a frustration that comes with what I call the “Feast or Famine” Cycle of business. One minute you are hustling to get business, shaking all the trees and hands you can.  Next, you are so busy, you don’t know which way is up, and there is no time for handshaking.

After a while of riding this roller coaster, the business owner finds they have created a job and not a business, and the lifestyle they dreamed about is more like a nightmare.

In my early days of business, I was fortunate to meet with a business counselor at a local incubator who gave me insights into why this happens and how to stop the cycle.

I used it in my business, and it worked well. Now I have the ability to share a similar system that has a proven track record of helping you grow your business and enjoy it at the same time.

If you want to grow your business, build your dream and not end up in a nightmare, contact me.

Are You Tired of the Feast or Famine Cycle of Business?

Do You Think You Don’t Have Time To Market?

 Key Programs


Get Clients Now Licensed Facilitator

A 28-Day Program to teach a system to Get Clients and Keep Them


The Business Marketing Gym

A place for business owners to create new ideas and work through issues, concerns, and challenges.



Networking Boot Camp

Comprehensive networking training to teach how to network and market effectively.

Group Coaching

Mastermind Sessions utilizing the power of many minds. We work together to create solutions and strategies for building and encourage businesses. Through the group process, synergy usually happens, and the power of “we” will become greater than the power “me.”


Utilize assessments to help fine-tune and pinpoint areas for improvement.

One-on-One Training

Highly focused sessions based on individual needs. Provide tools and support to help with accountability to reach and achieve specific business goals.



On topics including, Customer Service, Nurture Marketing, Top of Mind Marketing, Marketing Cycle/Funnel and The Traveler’s Gift

Customized Training

Develop and implement training to help grow and develop teams to sell and retain more clients/customers.

Customer Relationship Management/Customer Loyalty Program

Assist you in developing an ongoing program for identifying and taking care of key customers so they keeping coming back.

Brainstorming Sessions

Either with an individual business owner or a team – to create new ideas and work through issues, concerns, and challenges.

Business & Marketing Plan Development

Assist you in creating and implementing a plan for success and a strategy for achieving that plan

Want to learn how to eliminate the feast and famine cycle of your business?

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