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Why do I need a marketing plan?

I hear this often.  Sometimes it’s not in those words but some form.  Why?  Because I have found that many companies tend to market only when things are slow, and then they cut back because they are too busy.  This is the “fly by the seat of your pants” marketing strategy.  At times it seems to be working, but over time, it becomes exhausting and ineffective.  Usually, that strategy’s outcome is a “feast or famine” cycle to the revenue that cannot sustain over time.

How do I know where to focus my efforts?

That is a great question.  Actually, if you don’t know where to focus, you tend to work on the wrong problem and waste lots of resources, including time, effort, and money.  I have an assessment that will help you determine the best place to focus your energy.  Most people fall into four categories:  Filling the Pipeline, Following-Up, Getting Presentation, or Closing the Sale.  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.  You might be excellent at closing the sale but can’t get in front of enough people.  Then you know where to focus your energy.  If you need to know where you are stuck, try the assessment.


Get Client’s Now Program

What is the Get Clients Now Program about?

It is a program based on CJ Hayden’s book that teaches in a simple, easy-to-understand approach how to market and when.  It breaks it down into strategies and action steps implemented over 28 days to reach a specific goal.  What makes this program so amazing is that it’s user-friendly and manageable.  It is flexible yet structured.  The magic is a plan and then consistent behavior to reach your goal. 

I’ve never taken marketing before, so this is all new to me.  Can I use the system?

Absolutely, it is really geared toward people who are not marketing professionals.  The program explains marketing concepts to get clients and then gives you the tools to do it. 

How does the program work?

Typically it starts with an initial 3-hour training session.  Getting the book is required so that you can follow the system.  

Then a series of follow-up accountability sessions are set up, usually by phone or Zoom, to check-in and see what’s working and what is not.  At that time, we work through any challenges someone might be facing and celebrate any successes.  

Most people find this format works well.  They know that once they put the plan on paper, share it with the group, and know that they will have to share what they have accomplished, they tend to get the items done.  They are always amazed at the results!  It’s usually more revenue and a strong client base. 

Who is not a good candidate for this program?

That is a tough question, but I would have to say anyone who is not really serious about reaching a specific goal.  

I have found that some people think they are ready, but when the follow-up calls start, they are not participating because they have not followed through on their actions.  

This happens for many reasons, some of which can be worked out and some are out of their control.  

So the real answer is this program is not for someone who is not ready to do the work it takes to create and implement a plan.

That being said, that doesn’t mean they could not become ready through the group.  Sometimes, people are stuck and suddenly find themselves unstuck after working with the group and seeing how it works and what other people have done.  Something is motivating and powerful when like-minded individuals get together work on a plan of action.

Get Clients Now Licensed Facilitator

28-Day Program to teach a system to Get Clients and Keep Them

Business Marketing Gym

Is for business owners – to create new ideas and work through issues, concerns, and challenges.


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“Your help has been invaluable!  You’ve given me great ideas, helped me develop plans to make the ideas happen, and led me to exceptional people who know their stuff! 

Your passion for helping people market their business shows through in all you do, and you’ve gone the extra mile to show me the way.  Thanks!”

Tammy Burke,

Technology Consultant| Making Tech Work for your Business!, The Joyful CEO

“Lia Allen has an amazing ability most business consultants lack. She asks many questions, listens to your answers, then comes out with brilliant ideas and breakthrough solutions for your business!

Every time I meet with Lia, I run back to my office to implement the new ideas she gives me. Sometimes they’re so powerful, my colleagues and competitors ask how I came up with them! Lia is my “secret weapon” to constant growth, improvement, and innovation in my business.

In fact, I was so impressed; I recently made her a part of my management team. Anyone who doesn’t have Lia on their team is missing out on a huge opportunity!”

Milana Leshinsky,

Founder & CEO of Coaching Genie | Turning Your Ideas Into Profitable Programs, Simplicity Circle

I wanted to tell you, Bravo!
Your answers to questions were meaty – i.e., you provided practical, real-life solutions.
The take-away message for me was the idea of setting aside 15 mins for marketing. For me, I dread follow-up. (For no valid reason, except my own trash.) 15 minutes I can handle.
Thanks. Yours was one of the best presentations because you provided tools we can use. (The buckets. All lead to follow-up.)
Beth Fowler,

Owner/Artist/Home-stager, Home Presentation LLC